Everything rides on your tires

That is exactly why Neomatix, a company specializing in Electro-Optics and Computer Vision technology has developed its proprietary tire monitoring solutions. By using a disruptive and patented vision-based technology, the company's solutions enable easy and cost effective tire monitoring for both fleet operators and drivers, helping customers improve driving safety, save on operational expenses and decrease off-road time and CO2 emissions.
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This is definitely a useful innovation.
Charles Brett, Constellation Research
Why did I like this company so much? It’s pure practicality.
Shira Abel, TheNextWeb
Neomatix helps drivers and vehicle fleets save gas and increase safety by better monitoring of their car’s tires.
Roi Carthy, TechCrunch
Download this app and check your tire pressure with your smartphone by simply photographing your tires!
Renee Schmidt, SheBytes
Using an iPhone, drivers can monitor their vehicle’s tires and increase safety and gas efficiency. Yes, really.
Hillel Fuld, The Huffington Post

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