Are you ready for the holidays?

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Family trip

Taking the family for a holiday drive

Some vacation time at last, it’s time to pack up the kids and show them that there is more to life than sitting in front of the computer. No disrespect to Facebook, but this is an opportunity to visit some real friends, see grandma’s new painting, have a picnic or hike up a mountain to get a glimpse of that summer view just before the first rain.
So let me ask you this? When was the last time you took such a road trip? Not the daily commute, but a car packed with the entire family, kids, camping equipment and who knows – maybe even the dog!
Taking your loved ones on such a trip, safety comes to mind, so you are sure to have a good cup of coffee before you hit the road, and absolutely no one is exempt from buckling their seatbelt. Did you get enough water? Snacks? Do you have a roadmap or does your Smartphone have all the necessary information?
Let’s take a moment to talk about your car. You service it on a regular basis, you fuel it up and take it to the car wash every once in a while. What about the tires? When was the last time you checked them? Did you know that you should inflate the tires to a higher pressure when the car is fully loaded? A car with over 3 adults and luggage is considered to be loaded and its tires should be inflated accordingly. The rear tires on my wife’s Suzuki, for example have a normal pressure of 30 PSI, but a loaded pressure of 38 PSI !!
Driving on underinflated tires is a great safety risk and can add 5-10% to your fuel consumption (do the math). So before taking your family on holiday – Do the right thing – Check your owner’s manual or placard for the correct tire pressure for a fully loaded car, and go inflate your tires. It only takes a couple of minutes and your car will handle better, your fuel efficiency will improve, and most important – You and your loved ones will be safer.

Enjoy the holidays and Shana Tova !