It is important as checking an airplane before flight…

Assaf Murkes Uncategorized

I do like YouTube, I can always find something interesting to watch on it.

I just found there this 1950’s clip (more like a movie) that made me think about a couple of things-

The first is that the way people should drive in order to keep themselves safe has been known for decades now, and the fact we still have so many accidents makes me think that we are dealing with it in a wrong way – we need to find a new tool to help people because maybe, as it happens to be, knowledge isn’t enough in this.

The second is, as the title and the clip say, a car accident and a plain crash are just as dangerous. Yes, plains have another whole dimension to crash into and they can’t just pull over to the side but still if a key component fail in your car while driving (let’s say – one of your suspensions) you will be just as lucky getting unscathed from the ordeal as a pilot who lost one of his flight control surfaces – and so you should take care of your car at least as much as a pilot does (or his ground crew for that matter) for his plain.

Check out the clip here, it is a bit long and not to mention uneasy but nice – Anatomy of an accident