If it is so important why is it so simple…

Assaf Murkes Uncategorized

It just hit me that after writing so much on the importance of the tires you may ask yourself “so why is it made from rubber and not some high tech stuff?”

Well, I am happy to tell you that the good men and women of the tire industry thought the same for the last few decades and our tires now are considered the most complex article in the vehicle.

The tire is made of about a dozen different materials – rubber being the basis for only a few of them and they also include steel and various composite materials  All of them got introduced into the tire following years of experience and trial and error (we as drivers are the perfect guinea pigs..) and each has a specific job – improvement of traction, longer tread life, lower noise etc.

How a tire is made / Michelin Tire

In the attached link you can see how and from how many materials a tire is made by “Michelin”. Maybe after watching this clip the high tire prices will have more sense to you, if the importance itself didn’t persuade you yet..

And so I assure you that your tires are very high tech – just because they are always dirty, wet, in the open air, sun scorched and carrying your full load while smoothing your ride and are everything but just simple rubber wheels.