A tire is a tire is a tire! (?)

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If you check out the pictures from the last post you can see that my tire (beside having a screw in it..) had far too many cracks and was too old to be driven on. And so, when I got to my tire shop I promptly told them that I need both my rear tires changed.

And now comes the tricky bit – what tire should I get? what brand and for how much money? We know that our high tech tire can’t come cheap and yet some tires are sold pretty cheap and they have all the approvals same as the high-end brands – what should a smart consumer do?

Well, all tires with the right approvals will sustain and endure about the same – That is the reason for the standards in this industry. But, and this is a big but, there are differences between different manufacturers (beside how greedy they are..) and they mostly come into affect in the way the tires perform above and beyond the standard – for example, they all comply with the appropriate tread wear standard but some do this with plenty of room to spare.

And so, if you buy proper legal tires (it is hard not to now-days), you shouldn’t worry about a tire disintegrating while driving or going flat out of the blue but you can expect that the branded ones (and more expensive) will last longer, handle unexpected events and perform better in the way of handling and braking.

Check out this short clip that shows a good field test example.

For me – I prefer putting the extra bucks for the peace of mind of having a well known brand on my tires – after all everything rides on it…

Cheap tyres versus expensive tyres