Tire pressure – not only money

Assaf Murkes Uncategorized

As part of the work and research we do in Neomatix I find myself checking pressure in a lot of tires and cars. The statistics are that the vast majority are under-inflated by about 6 PSI and non are over-inflated by more then 1 PSI and so I rarely get surprised by low pressure anymore – unfortunately it is the common thing.

A few days ago I checked the car of our building supervisor. Instead of 32 PSI in all tires as directed by his car maker it had 24 in the front and 45 (!) in the back. I had to double and triple check because that was really weird. I know that high pressure is not a real problem but of-course I changed his pressure in all tires to suit the placard in the car.

The next day I asked him if he felt any changes in the way the car drives (he bought it second hand a month before and didn’t check the pressure himself ever) to this he answered that now the car is not sluggish while turning and it feels much more stable on the road.

That was a very good example to me on another important aspect of maintaining the correct tire pressure – a car that is not driving and handling the way it should is more likely to find itself in an accident, without even mentioning all the other aspects (wear, fuel and so on) we mentioned in previous blog entries.