check up – why touch the wheel?

Assaf Murkes Uncategorized

Just got my car through the annual license renewal process which is really just paying some money and having some guys check all the safety and mandatory features in my car. I noticed that they grab my tires while the wheel is in the air and give it a bit of a jolt. Similar to the test my mechanic does during the routine check-ups every year.

“What are they checking?” I thought to myself, well, they are looking for freedom in the (but not only…) wheel bearing hub assembly – that’s the part that connects the rotating wheel to the stationary part of the car while maintaining friction to a minimum in order to conserve energy. The modern assembly is an air tight enclosed part so that any damage to it can only be found out by noises while driving or by a manual check that checks that the assembly doesn’t have any freedom in any direction other then rotating.

“So what if it’s a bit off? the wheels turn and all is good” you might say, well, as mentioned before this is the part that connects the wheel to the car – when it finely goes, the whole wheel can just come off in mid drive. The noises and freedom are first signs (and the last mind you) of disintegration of the bearings and so should be checked and tended to.

You can see an example for that catastrophe in the next clip – no harsh images, don’t worry.   If you don’t fix your bearings