Curb your driving

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A lot of people drive up and down the curb (or kerb) or side-walk to park or get into a driveway on a daily basis with not much of a problem as this picture shows

On curb parking








But as mentioned in an earlier post about wheel alignment the curb can prove dangerous. We saw alignment problem but that’s only half of it. Hitting the curb (or side-walk, potholes and any other stationary thing for that matter) in ‘not low speed’ can cause a puncture, rim damage and damage for other parts of the car within moments.

I mention curbs specifically as we normally don’t look at them as a danger, for us and the car, since we know for a fact the wheel can climb over it – but at high speeds the tire just can’t handle all that energy and so he can tears and some of the energy goes to the rim and so on.

I have a friend (not me!) that once hit the gas pedal instead of the brake by mistake and launched himself onto the side-walk directly – he got there but with both front tires flat.

If you need some visual prof check out the clips below.

Broken rim after hitting the curb

Two flats – one curb