My Big Flat Greek Wedding (anniversary)

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Agios Ionnis

There are very few places more romantic than a Mediterranean island, surrounded by blue lagoons and constantly bathed in sun. Furthermore, there is no better way to explore such an island other than using an open-top 4×4. So even before closing the hotel reservation, I made sure the jeep I wanted was available, and then set off to complete the rest of the arrangements.

Jimny under the Olive tree

Roaming the island

As someone who considers himself relatively experienced with off road vehicles, I thought I could visually inspect the car’s tires, but with an unknown car, I was just not up to the task.The car immediately felt awkward to drive, was sluggish and felt like taking turns was very unstable. So being a responsible driver, I stopped at the nearest gas station to check the tire pressure.

Old Pressure Gauge

An old air pump

The device available at the station was old and inaccurate, and although the pressure reading seemed normal, it did not go hand in hand with the driving feeling I had just experienced.

Luckily for me, I am one of the few to have the beta version of the TireCheck iPhone app, so I took out the device and measured the tire pressure using my iPhone. This time the results made more sense. So I inflated and checked that the pressure was OK, and only then set off to enjoy my anniversary. The car responded as it should, and having made a few hundred miles around the beautiful island of Crete, I not only experienced a smoother and safer drive, but also saved a few Euros on gas, which were alternately used to buy 2 cans of the island’s amazing olive oil J

TireCheck will be available real soon on the Apple App Store, and for those of you who can’t wait – You can sign up for the mailing list at:

Drive safe,

Kfir and Osnat