Clean your car – it will save you money!

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If only dirty was beautiful…

One of the most put off chores must be cleaning the car. After all it runs, I don’t plan on driving anyone I need to impress and all and all I have better and more important things to do.

Well, I’m here to tell you some more hidden reasons for cleaning your car, and I’m sure you will agree with me once you read them.

As a car is an extension of one self in more cases then not, cleaning it gives you a sense of joy, for the act itself (in a zen way – dirty to clean) and for the outcome of having a clean car for show off or just to look at. Even if you drive a company car and have no feelings for it and no bond between you, just being in something clean as opposed to dirty will make you feel better.

The things that acuumolate on our car over time – bird poo, grime, salt (sea or snow) and some acid rain to top it off, all have in common that they damage the paint job and the metal in a way that will couse corrosion, corrosion will lead to damage that we’ll need to fix andor will depreciate the car value. you know when you see cars with rust patches? in most cases they started off from one of this culprits.

Rusted car

A dirty car makes you spend more money at the pump and makes your MPG worse. check out the trusty mythbusters for prof

And so we can all put behind us such urban myths like-

The dirt on my car keeps my paint job.
I’ll clean the car after winter – no need to do it when it’s raining / snowing
I plan to go offroading next week – no reason to clean now
Just a little spot, no harm will come from it
The dirt is only on the roof – no one sees it

I guess moms around the world are right – clean=good! and don’t forget to clean behind the ears, eh, I mean the wheel wells…