Car mirrors, as anachronistic as wooden wheels…

Assaf Murkes Uncategorized

Don’t get me wrong, a good view of the rear of the car is imperative for good driving, parking and all around well being. I just mean that getting that view with glass mirrors is a bit like turning right by pulling the reins…

In an age where the parking brake is electric, a switch on the wheel makes you go faster or slower and some cars are completely electric with no cables and mechanical connections what so ever, it’s time to rethink the concept of protruding glass mirrors.

What do I suggest? a simple and cheep camera and a screen conveniently located in the car frame, some manufacturers already use this –

Why change the familiar mirror you ask?

  • With all the engines to change the angles it’s more expensive then a camera and screen, those of us that had a mirror replaced can relate.
  • The added drag from those “ears”.
  • They always bend and first to break in a narrow street.
  • The blind spots – raise your hands if you never had a near miss because of them.

Truth be told some problems do exist regarding my suggested solution, but the main one of them is people (law makers) that are too afraid of change and so are reluctant of approving it as a substitution to “reliable” mirrors, instead of just setting a high quality standard (it is a safety feature) for cameras and allowing the 20th century in.

Reliable my #!@%&!

My test is simple – does anyone think that in 20 years time cars would be made with outward pointing mirrors and not some high-tech, better solution? so lets not wait idly and make it happen – cheaper, better and all around awesome. But in the meantime, you should check this clip that shows a neat trick for you to see something in the mirror on a rainy day.