If I only had a way to check my pressure…

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By now we all know why we should check the tire pressure on a regular basis, but how to do it? A lot of options are out there so let’s go over them – from the absurd to the high-tech-

Kicking the tire – I guess people want to make sure the tire is really tangible but don’t want to get their hands dirty, because there’s no chance what so ever of knowing if the tire has 35 and not 15 PSI by this bizarre action….

Kicking the tire. Seriously?!













Looking at it – People think they can tell by the shape of the tire if it has enough pressure, though this is true, for the naked eye we will see a difference only when we get to an extreme condition – we should know and fix it a lot sooner.

Can you tell the difference before it gets this far?

Using a hand held gauge – The best option is also the most basic one, get a gauge (preferably an analogue one) and simply apply it to the valve and all will be known.

Tire Pressure Gauge











Mounted sensor – some car now come with an inside the tire TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) that gives a reading to your dashboard (some people even install this systems if it didn’t come with their car) – just know that unless you get a number reading for each tire you may get the warning light only after 25% deflation (as mandatory by the US “TREAD act”) – your economy and safety are effected a lot sooner then that mined you… Not to mention the affect of a loaded vehicle and temperature changes on the accuracy of this system. And some of the installation have a tendency to brake when fixing or changing tires due to fragility or corrosion – leaving you with a useless annoying dash light there to stay!

A lot of people don’t know what to do with a TPMS indication lighting up







Valve outer part mounted gizmo’s – Cool as they look (green for good, red for underinflated!) they can do damage to your valve from the centrifugal force and even cause an air leak as they constantly push on the air seal. And they don’t really give a reading, just a green/red outcome.

Neat! if the aur doesn't leak throgh...

Neat! if the air doesn’t leak through..

Hands free, high-tech staff – We give you Tirecheck – a smartphone app – you just take a picture of your tire and it let you know how’s your pressure – no mess, no installation, free of charge!

check this clip to get the idea – Tirecheck by Neomatix

Download from the apple app store (still not available for android)

Putting the smart in smartphone....

Putting the smart in smartphone….