The Secret Mojo of Military Vehicles

Kfir Wittmann Uncategorized

We consider cars to be more than a means for transportation, and can actually connect to them on an emotional level. Some people like sports cars, some like SUVs and some prefer off-road monsters.
I still remember how amazed I was the first time I saw a Humvee. It seemed like the coolest off road vehicle ever.
Oshkosh recently won the contract to supply the US Armed Forces with the JLTV. This is a very big change, replacing the Hummer, after decades of glorious service. We will discuss the reasons and make a direct comparison and analysis of the tender some other time.
Right now, I’d like to discuss the Mojo factor.
The Oshkosh is a really cool vehicle. Is it more fierce looking than the Hummer? More futuristic than the famous Land Rover? Is it more robust than the Storm-3 (Sufa)?
The question must be asked – What is the key factor that makes one vehicle more “cool” than another?
Is it the specs? Better performance, engine and suspension? Is it the application? The front grill? The big all-terrain tires? The name? Weaponry configurations?

All I know is that these cars are super cool, and despite their size and fuel consumption, I really wouldn’t mind owning one…