The Secret Mojo of Military Vehicles

We consider cars to be more than a means for transportation, and can actually connect to them on an emotional level. Some people like sports cars, some like SUVs and

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The wheels on the bus go…

I recently started learning about bus tires (or trucks for every relevant matter) and was surprised of how similar, if not worse,  bus tire dangers is to small car tires.

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Using your car as a power house

People have all sort of electrical gizmo's in the car - you plug your cell phone, use your nav aid or drink a cold one (soft drink!) straight from the

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Wiped clean

I once wondered why on my yearly car road safety test they check to see that my windshield wipers are not old and cracked (never mind that they don't want

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Look but don’t see…

Picture yourself driving in your run of the mill light to heavy traffic on a wide road in an urban setting. In that surrounding I bet the high rises are

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Don’t mix & drive – why fuel type is important

Some of us drive Diesel cars, some Petrol (gas) of the leaded kind and some of the unleaded variety. We all can intuitively understand that an engine built to use

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You have road bumps, and Mexican road bumps…

Returning from some R&R in lovely Mexico I must share some thoughts about the road (speed) bumps (humps) they so love and spread in large quantities around there. A lot

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When you blew it – change a fuse?

Found another thing besides a tire that can blow in the car - an electrical fuse! DIY - should have some new ones in the car The other

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(in) Car safety

Everybody knows that you should put your seat belt on, and if they don't then I hope someone makes them, no matter where they sit in the car. We've all

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A motorcycle with a car tire.. What will they think of next?!

Maybe I'm to the odd one, but I only heard about this some time ago - Motorcyclists replace the rear tire for a similar sized normal car tire. Mostly done

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